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Feelin’ good this summer! 

Hi…first off let me say that I’m connecting because either I think you might be interested in new options for natural solutions in many areas of life and lifestyle….or else I respect your opinions and ideas and thot you might give me some feedback on this little newsletter!

Learning and sharing about natural health, diet and lifestyle has been one of my lifelong passions! This is the first of monthly info and inspiration on the VAST subject of doTERRA essential oils. I have been experiencing the beauty of bringing the essence of plants into my own life, family and home — on physical, emotional and even spiritual levels. I never imagined what a pleasant journey this would be, and how it would enhance my experience!

If you are open to receiving these SHORT and SWEET notes monthly hang on, I think we’ll have some fun with this–otherwise, feel free to opt out!

Well, it’s summer and we’re feeling enthusiasm about getting outdoors, camping, get-togethers, adding up to a lot of fun! Here are a few tidbits to help us to enjoy it even more!


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It has been said that, Essential oils (EOs) are the life force or the essence of the plant. Notice how you feel different inside when smelling a rose, a pine branch, or the rind of a fresh orange. It just does something inside to lift, balance, relax or make you feel grounded, or…..! Start noticing — especially in summer when so much of nature is full of new life!

Let me know if you’d like a sample and I’ll get it to you!

doTERRA WILD ORANGE: Oil of Abundance! Inspires abundance, fosters creativity, supports a positive mood, restores physical energy and aids in transitions. Reconnects individuals with their inner child and brings spontaneity, fun, joy and play into one’s life!

How am I using W.O.?

    • In my water (delicious – one or two drops per liter – cheaper and waaay better than bottled flavored water!)
    • a drop in a small spray bottle for a spritz for self or home, sniffing and applying to skin
    • diffused for freshness and uplifting, creative feeling in the house
    • yesterday I enjoyed a refreshing snack with 3 drops of W.O. in a bowl of yogurt dip for fresh fruit

TESTIMONY   (Hard to pick just one story, there are so many!)

I had 20 minutes to get out the door for a big day out with a lot of kids and our JJ Entertainers business, I was suddenly hit with major digestive upset (my husband was too)! Yikes! So we grabbed digestive EO blend, three drops in a cup of water, and (I’m not kidding!) within 10 minutes, we both were totally FINE and felt great the rest of the day!

Digestive blend is a healthy, natural, and gentle way to soothe an upset stomach or maintain a healthy digestive system.

Another simple tummy upset remedy is Peppermint Oil, which is one of the main oils in this blend. (Reminder that we don’t recommend any other oil brand for ingesting — CPTG oils are absolutely pure!)

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