Lifelong Vitality!


Hello friends – and welcome Fall, once again!

I love this time of year … beautiful colors outside, make some spicy tea, get cozy with warm socks and sweaters, and nice blankets! I treated myself the other day with a few pairs of nice merino wool socks! I love ’em!

But I have to tell you one more thing I’m thankful for. I feel I do you a dis-service not to share this.

Jim and I decided over a year ago to take doTerra’s Lifelong Vitality pack daily. Since we have been on it, we almost NEVER get sick—and if we do, it’s been light and we’re back to wellness. I notice most if we neglect taking it for a bit—we start feeling less strong, less inspired, less energetic—and I remember! Oh no! I’m forgetting our LLV!

As I move through life I become more and more concerned with not just living, but quality of life. I hear of so many friends and friends-of-friends dealing with serious situations robbing them of their health and vitality, of their work-time and income, their family and pleasure time, adding stress, discomfort and worse to their lives! So sad!

It is SO worth it for me and my family to have this peace of mind. If we get concerned about budget, we just think what we would lose by being one sick day, or living without vitality, or aging with less life-force.

So here it is:



I love that these have been scientifically researched to provide all the right natural powerful nutrients in just the right amounts. I am no longer worried about what supplements I need for self and family!

GET THIS: when you purchase LLV, if you’re not satisfied after using it regularly for a month, you can send back the empty bottles for a full refund.

By the way – wanna get a FREE LLV Pack this month? Read to the end!

Rather than my opinions (ahem) I sent out an email today to ask a few folks I know who use LLV – and here are some responses I immediately got:




my daughter, Professor at University of Victoria:   “I have been using the Vitality pack for about 3 weeks now and definitely feel an extra step in my walk.  I work long hours and often felt a real drain in energy half way through my day.  Since taking the vitamins I have much more energy that lasts me well into the evening.  This ripples out into other wellness benefits, such as more energy for going to yoga or a run at the end of the work day. I highly recommend to all interested in greater health and wellness”


my friend, mother of two super-cute boys: “I held off on taking the lifelong vitality pack because I have purchased so many supplements in the past and was not always regular about taking them. When I finally did begin taking them I was surprised to see how differently I felt 24 hours after taking them (or not taking them was really when I noticed). There was a huge shift in my energy and also calm and optimism when I started being really regular in taking them, and now I rarely skip a day because I know I will miss the energy boost tomorrow!”


my friend, actress in Portland:  I have often taken a multi-one a day, women’s vitamin for no other reason than I ‘heard it was the right thing to do’. I wanted to be a health person and so I took them, though I always noticed a portion would not get absorbed by my body as I would pee it out later; what we’ve come to know as “neon pee”, and I never noticed a difference in how I felt from taking them, I just assumed it must be good for me.

After I saw my first presentation on the LLV, I immediately threw away all my supplements and ordered my first LLV. I was impressed to learn we absorb 100% of these supplements, the science of their anti-aging properties, and how pure their ingredients are. My first three days on LLV, my skin completely transformed from being unevenly colored, to being a smooth even tone, AND my skin took on that “pregnant glow”. I have not had to wear foundation ever since! Five days into taking my LLV for the first time, I noticed that I no longer had a dip in my energy around 2 or 3 PM each day. My energy level remained steady and consistent all day long. 

Two weeks into my LLV, I felt like I had an entirely new digestive system.  As a cesarean baby who was never breast fed, my gut has lacked the proper amount of digestive enzymes and healthy bacteria to function efficiently on it’s own. My stomach has always been very sensitive to foods. When that two week marker hit, I can now say that my digestive system functions really well, consistently, is strong, and recycles efficiently. These supplements have been life-changing for my energy and my digestive health! I truly believe with the lack of nutrient-dense food and soils today, that supplementation is necessary for optimal health and that EVERYONE should be on LLV!      

Niene: I can also say that if I ever what to act like I’m in my twenties again and go dancing all night long, I’ll take my second dose of LLV at dinner time instead of at lunch time and that will give the energy and vitality to dance the night away! Works like a charm!



my friend and mom of a sweet little girl: “I never knew that taking your vitamins could actually make you feel any different. Often we do things because we know that they are good for us whether or not they make us feel any different. When I was first introduced to the Life Long Vitality I took it straight to my naturopath. She was impressed and told me about the different ingredients. As I have been diligent and sometimes not so I have noticed such a difference in my energy level. Taking a full does really does boost my energy and brain alertness. My immune system is functioning better than ever and I rarely get sick. The most surprising “side effect” for me is… I have more positive thoughts. For real! I actually think more positive thoughts, I’m able to hold on to happy feelings for longer and have a optimistic out look on life.”



A short video here for more info on LLV.
FYI: there is also a pack of just two, but I prefer to take all three bottles.