Hello friends!

Hope you all had a great summer, and enjoy these next few weeks!

With kids off to school, just a little reminder as to how helpful essential oils can be in our and our kids everyday lives.

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Here are 5 Essential Oils/Blends for Back to School (for kids AND adults!) 

  1. Peppermint & Wild Orange – Put an essential oil diffuser in your kitchen and diffuse this “wake-up blend” while they are eating breakfast. Or you can put this blend in a roll-on bottle and roll it on their wrists and back of neck while you are “nicely” waking them up. I love it myself for a sweet start to my day!
  2. Rosemary – Rosemary is known to improve brain performance and mood. Rubbing a drop into their scalp while they are eating breakfast.  Diffuse before school or when they come home and do homework.
  3. “In Tune” (Focus Blend)– Enhance focus and support healthy thought processes. Helps those who have difficulty paying attention stay on task and sustain focus. (I USE THIS and seriously notice the difference!)  Many of these oils contain high levels of sesquiterpenes, which have been proven to pass the blood-brain barrier to reach the cells of the brain. Apply this blend to the back of the neck as kids are eating breakfast. Talk with your school about letting your children apply it during school hours.
  4. Lemon – Lemon is known as “The Oil of Focus“. It’s citrusy aroma nourishes the mind and aids in concentration. A wonderful aid for children who are struggling with school. It pairs well with Rosemary, so you can make a roller bottle with Rosemary and Lemon and apply to the back of the neck or diffuse this powerful duo before school.
  5. “Serenity” Blend  – (Calming blend) Children who are hyperactive or have difficulty concentrating could really benefit from this blend. Calms and soothes feelings of stress and excitement. Put a few drops in their bath at night, or diffuse it in their room at bedtime. Apply it to the backs of their necks or feet before school (if they are very hyperactive) or at bedtime.


My friend, Anna, has 3 kids: 9, 7 and 4 months–handful! Her two oldest girls are full of excitement about how essential oils are helping them since Mom brought them into their house a few months ago! Here are just a few of the girls comments:
  • 7 year-old said her legs haven’t hurt since they started the A-Z doterra vitamins!
  • “I have a headache!”  Mom gave her 1 drop of lavender on the back of her neck, and 1 touch (like you do perfume) on each temple. Within 5 minutes she said “Mom, I’m feeling better!” and she was fine all day!
  • “My throat was all sore and I sprayed OnGuard with water into it and the next morning I felt better!”
  • Older one says: “I like lemon. It makes me feel good.” (Mom puts 2 drops in her hand, she smells it, and then rubs it on her neck.
Anna says: I have had phenominal experiences with the oils! Calms stress, helping me relax. I use lemon oil in the morning, I diffuse them in my home, and am making the oils part of my daily routine. It is helping me so much! I’m feeling good!

When the girls have something that’s bothering them, I read about the oils in my book and am able to help them. It’s a great feeling.


Some schools even require kids to have hand sanitizer. You probably realize most of these on store shelves contain harmful chemicals. Why not make your own — and save too! 

Small glass spray bottle
Distilled water or witch hazel
1 tsp. fractionated coconut oil (or carrier oil of your choice)
10 drops OnGuard essential oil (Protective blend)
5-10 drops other essential oil/optional (lemon is nice)

Fill up the bottle 3/4 of the way with water/witch hazel.  Add the carrier oil and then essential oils.  (It’s important to use coconut or another carrier oil – it helps disperse the essential oil throughout the water.)  Screw on the spray cap and you’re ready to support strong immunity– the natural way! Let the kids help!

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