Hello Friend!

Hope you’ve enjoyed some coziness over the winter — and of course, folks in South Africa — a lovely summer!

I choose Lavender this time, as it’s just one of my favorite plants! I “happened” to be traveling through Whidby Island at the time of the Lavender Festival and it was a sensual, even emotional, and may I say Divine TREAT!


And in lieu of having these fields in my backyard, I’m loving my doTERRA lavender oil! I keep it:

  • in the kitchen for any burns (a little clumsy sometimes!),
  • in the bedroom to diffuse. ONE drop each of lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus in water and SERIOUSLY–we sleep great! (and NO snoring!)
  • in a little spray bottle with water to refresh the house & bedding
  • in a roll-on with coconut oil to relax and renew my SELF when out
  • in a roll-on to to share with a friend’s baby to calm him down
  • in my pantry for delicious baked goods (I trust doTERRA CPTG/Certifed Pure Therapeudic Grade – do not use just any oils internally)
  • a few drops in my bath for a divinely relaxing experience!
  • my bathroom mixed with a little coconut oil for my face


Let me know if you’d like a sample (if you’re not too far away!). A bottle lasts me a looooong time — and it’s so pure it lifts me to another world sometimes!

Speaking of face — a year ago I wasn’t feeling soooo great about the mirror and how my face was feeling dry, and you know, a little rough. Turning 65 has it’s moments! I tried this skin care line, and I LOVE it and am feeling much more youthful! Very concentrated–lasts me a long time!