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Oct 2016 — Lifelong Vitality Nutritional Program

Personal Testimonies to the Effectiveness of doTERRA’s Nutritional Program

Sept 2016 — Getting Cozy for Fall!

Immune Support with OnGuards

Dryer Freshener — Refresh your winter blankets!

Feeling and working great at your desk!

Aug 2016 — Back to School! 

10 Great Oils for School — and for the parents too!

Story from Anna and her girls

DIY Hand Sanitizer — Be natural and save money!

July 2016 — Summer Balance!

Balance blend

DeepBlue blend

A few questions for you!

doTERRA Backpack for kids!

June 2016 — Kids for the Summer!

10 ways I’m using EOs to keep up with OUR busy summer schedule:

6 tips for using EO’s with kids

5 great oils and blends to use with kids

May 2016 — EO’s in your Garden!

Clean Greenhouse
Slug Away
Essential Oils and Plant Companionship
Bug Attack
Ants No More–Peppermint!
Vinegar makes an effective natural herbicide and weed killer.
Lavender to soothe irritated skin associated with certain plants or bugs.
Pests and essential oils–nice list!

Apr 2016 — Seasonal Discomfort

3 oils: Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon

4 ways to use them: in a diffuser, breathe from your palms, internally (only recommend doTERRA CTPG), topically

Tri-Ease for seasonal discomfort

Mar 2016 — Spring Cleaning

Why DIY Cleaners?

All Purpose Cleaner

Glass Spray

Salt Scrub

Feb 2016 — Lavender fields on Whidby Island!

Lavender uses

Verage Skin Care

Fall 2015 — Loving the scents of fall!

Diffuser blends for fall

A couple of diffuser options

Summer 2015 — Summertime!

Wild Orange

DigestZen: Digestive Blend