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My passion is to enjoy a natural, wholesome and beautiful life for myself and my family, and to share that with anyone who is interested! I have done this on many levels over the years, having spent much of my time overseas in missions-related work, now happily back in North America closer to family. I spent several years adjusting to a new lifestyle, getting our home set up and reconnecting with loved ones.

I am now thrilled to have discovered essential oils! I love the magic they bring in our lives, the emotional balance, the wellness support, delight to the senses (serious!). I love the feeling of “taking back my power” and having access to natural solutions for myself and my family. I am busy clearing all toxic products out of my home and creating simple natural DIY solutions for all aspects of our lifestyle!

The business opportunity has given me doable options for creating the lifestyle I love, a pension for my husband and myself, and fun and profitable activity which I enjoy with family and friends.

For more information on a botanically-inspired life or to schedule a talk, please send me a note or give me a call!

Email me here:    june@sweetretreat.me

Call or text me here:   360-721-6150

Meanwhile, you’re welcome to visit “my story” at  www.junehalliday.com.